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If you're not growing - 
You're DYING!

Growing Pains

Growth is usually spoken about with good connotations, but with it comes challenges as well!  We are experiencing some growing pains at the BHC and need your help!  When first started, most of the kids were very young - and small!  The problem is that kids grow!  And get older.  We are no at a transitional point and need to adapt.  Here's some of the ways we are trying to do that:

The BHC can serve up to 40 kids ranging in ages 5-18!
It costs an average of $150/month/child to keep the BHC running
The Bus

It seems that as our kids got bigger, our bus got smaller!  It also got older, but that's not a positive thing like it is with kids.  While it was never that good, it has served its purpose but it is time to swap it out for something bigger and better.  Our plan is to sell it and use those funds toward a new (used) bus that will serve us better.  We will still need to raise about $20,000 more to get what we need.  Would you consider helping??


     Every parent wants to see their child succeed in life and here at the Hope Center, it's no different.  As our kids have grown, we have realized that planning for their future is essential.  Some kids will chose college, others a job and it is our responsibility to help them navigate those waters.  While it may be months or even a year in the future, we have the facilities to create a Technical Training Institute where not only our kids at the BHC, but young adults from the community could come and learn a trade such as baking, welding, electrical, or sewing.  This would not only provide those older kids with better opportunities, it would also generate income for the Hope Center.  Contact us today if you would like to know more or be a part of this future ministry!

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